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Last updated on January 29, 2021

When property owners start a new house project or a small business decides to upgrade their office, the hope is that construction will proceed promptly and on budget. But as problems pop up along the way, disagreements can start to form between the property owner and contractor that require resolution. Using the knowledge and experience of the attorneys at Wolfe, Rice & Quinn, LLC, can help to resolve these disputes and get your project back on track.

Advocating For You In Construction Disputes

Some of the most common real estate and construction disputes involve a breach of contract, breach of warranty, liability and negligence. Disputes over faulty design or construction on the part of the contractor often involve inadequate structural support and badly designed roofs that leak. Using substandard or defective materials resulting in damage to other parts of the property are also common.

Any party involved in the construction of a home or business can be held liable for some of these defects in design, construction or materials. These individuals or companies can be found negligent if they fail to perform work or make mistakes that lead to defects. Failing to deliver on one or more of the stipulations of the contract by cutting corners on materials may also constitute an express or implied breach of contract.

Full-Service Real Estate Representation

The attorneys at Wolfe, Rice & Quinn, LLC, are ready to assist in your real estate or construction litigation concern. Your case will be handled with personal care and attention.

From faulty construction to zoning issues, variances, extended timelines and changed design plans, Wolfe, Rice & Quinn, LLC, can provide skilled legal assistance for every step of the real estate or construction process. Set up a consultation today by calling 717-253-9182 or by using our online contact form.