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We were once asked what our “win ratio” was as custody lawyers – how often we beat the other side. The real focus should be on how often our clients feel that the custody arrangement that resulted from our representation was the best outcome for the benefit of their children.

Custody courts focus on “what is in the best interest of the children?” This is what a custody client should focus on, from the perspective of the child. This can be difficult given the history between the parents, and that is where we can help guide clients to solutions that will have the least negative impact on their children.

Both sides need to remember that, whatever the final custody arrangement is, parents must continue dealing with each other as parents, not as litigants.

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In Pennsylvania, few cases go to trial. The courts encourage parents to come up with their own solutions, if possible, knowing that parents will always have a better grasp on the unique needs of their own children. Our task is to strengthen your position in this decision-making process so that your wishes in the matter of custody are taken into serious consideration, and, if an agreement cannot be reached, to be your effective advocate in the courtroom.

Experienced lawyers familiar with the Pennsylvania custody factors are your best assurance of making the right moves, with the right guidance, to obtain the best possible outcome.

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