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Last updated on April 28, 2023

At Wolfe, Rice & Quinn, LLC, we want people to arrive at divorce solutions that are fair and that limit the stress that accompanies the process. The goal is to preserve your financial security and the future security of your children without wasting legal fees in the process.

We work with clients to keep them informed and up to speed at every stage of the divorce process. This is critical, because you and your children must live with the outcome of the divorce for years to come. Communication with you is a major part of how we achieve this.

Experienced And Successful In Every Kind Of Divorce

We work with clients in every aspect and at every stage of the divorce process, including:

We are pleased that we are able to help in same-sex divorce proceedings, thanks to the state’s elimination of the ban on gay marriage. Same-sex couples face the same difficult divorce decisions as other couples – decisions about property division and custody of children. We also handle military divorces.

Serving Clients As Divorce Masters

Family lawyers John Wolfe and Patrick Quinn have both been appointed by the court as divorce masters, as well as representing clients before divorce masters. Pennsylvania divorce masters conduct hearings and make recommendations where the two sides are unable to resolve difficult issues. These issues include fault divorce, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, alimony, distribution of property and related economic issues.

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