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Determined Defense Against Drug Charges 

Being charged with a drug crime can mean drastic and lasting impacts on your life. From losing driving privileges, being sentenced to a long jail term or paying hefty fines, facing drug charges in Pennsylvania is a serious situation. Securing vigorous and experienced legal defense is extremely important.  

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Defending Against A Range Of Charges 

From low-level possession to possession with intent to deliver, drug crimes encompass a range of charges carrying with them a range of penalties.

A possession charge arises when authorities believe the defendant knowingly possessed a non-prescribed controlled substance like marijuana, cocaine, opioids or methamphetamine. Penalties for possession vary depending on the type of drug and how much of the substance was found. For marijuana, a small amount could result in a fine, costs and a misdemeanor on your record. 

Possession with intent to deliver of a controlled substance alleges the defendant knowingly manufactured an illegal drug without the proper license or possessed it with the intent to give or sell it to another person.. This can range from growing marijuana to selling cocaine or other controlled substance to operating a full methamphetamine lab. Possession with Intent to Deliver is a felony and, like possession, the penalties vary with substance and amounts. These charges can carry up to 20 years in prison. . 

Advocating For You 

The attorneys at Wolfe, Rice & Quinn, LLC, know the moments after you have been charged with a crime are often tumultuous and anxiety-provoking. Attorney Kristin Rice has handled hundreds of possession and possession with intent cases in her twenty years as a Public Defender and now can bring that experience to your case. It is our sincere belief that each client deserves the right to a vigorous defense. We also believe that treatment for addiction, when appropriate, should always be a substitute for jail time.. To set up a consultation, call our Gettysburg office at 717-253-9182 today or use our online contact form.