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Month: June 2019

The perils of “gray” divorce

Roughly half of all first-time marriages in America will end in divorce. The divorce rate has stayed about the same for several years now, but one key demographic - couples over the age of 50 - are divorcing at an alarming rate. Pew Research reports that the number of...

Do I really need a QDRO?

Qualified domestic relations orders may help divorcing spouses in Pennsylvania avoid losing more of their valued retirement savings than they need to. People getting divorced in Pennsylvania understandably become overwhelmed by the forms and processes involved in...

5 ways to reduce costs during a divorce

It is an understatement to say that divorce is difficult time in life. In addition to the emotional toil it can cause, it can be significantly expensive. As a result, keeping costs to a minimum during a divorce is a concern for many couples. Although you may think...