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Month: July 2020

Why does infidelity happen in marriages?

When infidelity happens within a marriage, it is usually assumed that deeper issues are to blame. These issues might stem from problems with the relationship itself or because of some inherent flaw within the cheater. In many cases, these assumptions are correct. But...

Property division and your emotions

When people think about the division of marital property, they often focus on the financial side of this key family law issue. While the financial impact of property distribution is often significant, there are a lot of other ways in which people are impacted by the...

What happens if no one files probate?

When a person creates a will, he or she typically names a person who he or she wants to execute the estate. It is the executor’s responsibility to distribute the testator’s assets upon his or her death, and for settling all debts.  The law does not require a person to...

Planning to avoid estate taxes

As you work your way through the estate planning process in Gettysburg, you likely notice that there will be opportunities to reduce liabilities against your estate. Limiting estate expenses has been a recommended strategy for several years, yet like most of those...