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Hard times have led to increased divorce rates

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Divorce |

This year has been hard on just about everyone, and this year will leave a lasting mark on the world. Indeed, this has been a historic year. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in increased divorce rates.

A higher divorce rate

Family law industry experts rang the alarm bell early, reporting that divorce inquiries were up by 20% this year. A study by the National Law Review confirmed this anecdotal trend and found that the divorce rate was up by 34% from January to April, when compared to this time last year, even though most courts were closed in April. This increase is especially concerning because this period is historically the peak.

Why the increase?

For the worst hit families, they are struggling through the loss of loved ones and jobs. Perhaps, they are even facing the daily health fear of not being able to work remotely. Though, even for those not facing such cataclysmic issues, the protracted forced togetherness, combined with a lack social and entertainment events, caused many to question whether to stay in their relationships.

Specifically, the couples’ work and family lives collided. A space that was once for rest, now had to be used as two offices, a daycare and perhaps, even a school. This highlighted already existing issues between couples, and brought new issues to light for others. This combined with no stress relief outlets has meant divorce for many couples.

Is divorce the answer?

For some Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, couples, yes, but for others, no. Remember, the end of this traumatic year is in site, and if a couple’s issues are only related to the stress of this year, divorce may not be the answer, counseling likely is more appropriate. For those couples dealing with issues that pre-date this year, or where this year has highlighted already existing issues, divorce may be appropriate. Though, couples should speak to a counselor and attorney first.