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Building a defense to your DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

If there is ever a time to choose your associates wisely, it is in the aftermath of a DUI charge. Like most, your top goals are probably minimizing the effects of your arrest and avoiding a conviction.

In most situations, partnering with a DUI defense representative is the ideal way to meet these goals. Since all legal professionals do not offer the same level of service, look for the attributes below to ensure you have found the right counsel.

Years of experience

The more experience your representative has defending against DUI charges, the better positioned they are for success. They know the judges and prosecutors in your region of Pennsylvania and have learned what defense strategies work best.

Although every professional must start someplace, it is typically unwise to stake your future and finances on inexperienced counsel.

Successful track record

A history of success in overcoming and minimizing DUI charges may also indicate you have chosen well in your search for a defender. Look for a DUI representative that has helped others in similar circumstances obtain a favorable outcome.

You are likely to achieve your goals when you work with someone who is unafraid to aim high on your behalf.

Has answers to your questions

It is typically wise to keep looking if your first choice cannot quickly answer questions like these about DUI charges in your region.

  • Is plea bargaining a possibility?
  • Will I have to go to jail if convicted?
  • What are my chances of a case dismissal?

If the representative can answer, it may indicate they know how the other parties involved in your case (judge, prosecutor, etc.) are likely to address your DUI.