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Can I modify parenting plan arrangements?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2020 | Divorce |

Each parenting plan is unique to the needs of the family. But just because you and your ex agreed to certain conditions at the time of your divorce, doesn’t mean those conditions still apply. As life changes, your parenting plan should change with it.

What warrants a change?

You are generally able to modify your parenting plan under several circumstances, including:

  • If you are moving out of town or out of state
  • If your children grow older and the plan does not accommodate their needs
  • If you lost your job
  • If you have a new work schedule
  • If you are fulfilling military duty
  • If you believe the safety of your child is at risk under the current plan
  • If your ex isn’t following the terms of the plan

How to make a modification

Most courts encourage you and your ex to work collaboratively to agree on the necessary changes. Some parenting plans even include provisions that detail how you and your ex will go about changing them should it be necessary. If both parents can agree, you can file your changes with the court, and the court is likely to accept the changes.

However, if you cannot get your ex to agree to the modifications, you will need to go to court. You and your ex will need to attend a custody modification hearing. To prepare for this hearing, you’ll need to show that there is a substantial enough change in circumstances to warrant the modification. You can prove this by showing:

  • Notes detailing any problems you’ve witnessed
  • Eyewitness accounts from friends or other family members about any issues
  • Records that indicate the other parent’s unfit behavior
  • Evidence of a job change or relocation

Consider modifying your parenting plan

After a divorce, it’s only natural that a family will go through transitions and changes. Sometimes, those changes can significantly alter the dynamic of your family, and it’s essential that your parenting plan fits your needs despite these life changes. Taking an active role in changing your parenting plan can help ensure the safety and security of your family’s future.