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3 ways to prepare for a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Divorce |

Getting divorced may be one of the most challenging things you ever do. However, you can reduce the chance that it is too awful by taking a few preparatory steps.

Here are some to consider:

Plan the future you want

It pays to have a clear idea of where you are heading. If you can envisage the future you want you are more likely to get there or at least close to there. This is not about dreaming a new future into life it is about setting clear goals to work toward and base your divorce decisions around.

Gather a support team

Asking a select few people for help can greatly ease the burden of divorce. Examples could include asking your best friend to pick your children up from school occasionally to give you time to attend divorce-related meetings. Or arranging some appointments with a therapist to help you process the trauma of the breakup of your marriage.

Set reasonable targets

If you and your spouse both set out to win at all costs, your divorce is likely to become drawn out, unpleasant and expensive. If you can both temper your ambitions somewhat and bear in mind that you each have a right to come out of the divorce feeling fairly done by, things should be simpler.

You also need to inform yourself about how the divorce process works and how state law will consider matters such as property division, spousal support and custody where appropriate. Taking legal guidance is a good way to further your knowledge and increase the chances you achieve the divorce goals you set.