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Can you waive your right to alimony in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Divorce |

In past eras, it was almost a guarantee that one spouse (typically a wife) in a divorce would obtain some amount of spousal support. In contrast, many couples now believe alimony is a frivolous remnant of the past. Some go so far as to waive the right to support in their prenuptial agreement.

Before you forfeit your spousal support rights, take some time to consider how your post-divorce life might look. Looking at different possible outcomes shows why financial help after divorce is not always a luxury. Sometimes, it is a necessity.

Do you know what your divorce will cost?

Most people underestimate the expenses associated with divorce. You must pay filing and other fees to initiate the process. You will likely also face personal costs like moving, furnishing a new home and monthly living expenses. If you qualify for spousal support, it can offer you stability while recovering from the financial effects of divorce.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

A medical or other emergency will likely lead to thousands of dollars or more in bills. Unless you possess significant assets to cover emergency costs, you could soon be drowning in debt. With alimony, you have better odds of facing a crisis without destroying your credit.

Can you earn a decent living?

Surviving on a single income is harder than ever. View your financial situation objectively before you waive your spousal support rights. In Pennsylvania, courts award rehabilitative alimony to spouses who need training or education to improve their earning capacity.

It is unwise to waive any of your rights in a marriage or divorce, especially those involving money and children. Counsel from an experienced legal representative can help you avoid making these and other mistakes.