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Safeguard your mental health when going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Divorce |

The first thing most say when discussing divorce is how it is challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. Since you must experience these hardships all at once, you may feel like you cannot survive. Even worse, mental and emotional challenges during divorce can affect your decision-making.

You can and will survive your divorce, especially if you take steps to safeguard your psychological health. Consider trying out the mental health preservation tips below.

Permit yourself to feel

It is tempting to push unpleasant feelings away, but that can increase the stress that comes with divorce. Expect to experience a range of emotions like grief, sadness and anger. Allowing yourself to feel them as they arise means you can process and overcome them better.

Have a support system

Speaking of processing unwanted feelings, sharing them with others can help and usually lessens loneliness. A circle of trusted friends and relatives may be all the support you need during your divorce. Alternatively, you could join a support group or seek counseling to create a solid system.

Beware of certain feelings

Although it is normal to experience negative feelings about yourself when divorcing, be wary of persistent ones you cannot seem to put away. Pervasive guilt and hopelessness or worthlessness may indicate the need for professional behavioral health treatment. Left unaddressed, these feelings can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Yes, divorce is hard, but it will not last forever. Keep a close eye on your psychological health, but don’t forget to learn how divorce works under Pennsylvania law. Experienced legal guidance can help you get through this situation.