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Why do couples drift apart over time?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Divorce |

What you find when you talk to those who have been divorced is that there is not always a dramatic reason for the split. It’s easy to understand why a divorce would happen after one person has an affair, for example. And these things do happen, but there are also many cases where the relationship seems rather mundane and a couple just drifts apart over time.

You may find yourself wondering why this happens. The reality is that there are a lot of different potential reasons to consider.

The age at which they got married

For example, some studies suggest that getting married too young increases the odds of divorce. People who get married in their teens or early 20s aren’t even finished with brain development yet, and they’re still going to grow up and change a lot in the years to come. In some cases, these changes cause them to feel like different people than they were when they got married, and they no longer have as much in common.

The impact of a career

In some cases, there are those who drift apart because they don’t spend much time together. An example of this could be if a person has a career where they have to travel a lot. Maybe they are in the military, so they get deployed for months on end. The lack of quality time together can erode a relationship, even when the couple never intended for that to happen. Being apart so long, and so often, just takes a toll on the connection that they feel.

Are you getting divorced?

Do you feel like you and your spouse have been drifting apart and may get divorced? If so, take the time to look into all the legal options at your disposal.